24th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This page contains all gifts associated with the twenty-fourth anniversary and provides some gift suggestions. Clicking on the links will send you to Amazon where you can view even more relevant gift ideas. Although there is no anniversary flower designated for this year, we have also included is a link to an online florist with a variety of options.

Traditional: Opal

Modern: Musical Instruments

Flower: (none)

Twenty-Fourth Year Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift for the 24th anniversary is Opal. Opal has long been considered a gem that signifies love and hope, making it perfectly suited for this occasion. A gift of Opal sends the message that although the years have passed your love and undying devotion to your spouse is still alive with love and hope. One of the most popular gifts on this anniversary includes jewelry featuring Opal. A necklace, pair of earrings or ring will make her light up, not just because you cared to remember giving her a gift, but because she will know the symbolism behind what you have given her.

If your spouse has passion for music consider the modern anniversary gift of a musical instrument. This is actually a very fun anniversary gift idea. Both husband and wife would surely love to be presented with a high quality musical instrument on their anniversary. Not only can instruments be a way of relaxing and escaping the pressures of work, but a well made instrument is something that can be be handed down through generations.