Anniversary Flowers By Year

The following is the list of anniversary flowers by year. However, there is also a traditional meaning associated with each flower and that list is also included. Consider a combination of both for a truly meaningful bouquet.

1st Anniversary Carnation
2nd Anniversary Lily of the Valley
3rd Anniversary Sunflower
4th Anniversary Hydrangea
5th Anniversary Daisy
6th Anniversary Calla Lily
7th Anniversary Freesia
8th Anniversary Lilac
9th Anniversary Bird of Paradise
10th Anniversary Daffodil
11th Anniversary Tulip
12th Anniversary Peony
13th Anniversary Chrysanthemum
14th Anniversary Dahlia
15th Anniversary Rose
20th Anniversary Aster
25th Anniversary Iris
28th Anniversary Orchid
30th Anniversary Lily
40th Anniversary Gladiolus
50th Anniversary Yellow Rose & Violet